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Experience the latest fashion of printing with this amazing printing software named Broadcast Batch Printing. It is an extraordinary batch file printer that supports all formats of files along with image ones. Users can dump all the formats in which ever amount they wish to. All the settings of both for the page layout & print can be altered according to the requirement of the users. It has an option rigged in it to schedule the printing process as per user’s required time & date. There is a Directory Watcher option rigged in it which is of great help. This command prints a document automatically after a certain time kept in it. This timing is set by the user only. This unique art work has changed the phase of printing and has presented a new era of batch printing tools with the latest options.
  1. Print multiple files of different formats in short time with this batch file printer tool.
  2. This broadcast printing software can execute files of any format including image files in thousands of numbers.
  3. With this batch printer & scheduler users can line up printing for a different time and date.
  4. The directory watcher of this software prints a document automatically after a certain time.
  5. It is a different tool built for a different aspect.

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How it Works

How to print ducment files in multiple printers:

  1. Add or Select files to print.
  2. Then Set Printer And page Settings.
  3. you can also scheduling printing of selected files for day, any time.
  4. This Tool monitor folders for Files and prints them to a specified printer to use 'Directory watcher' just select the folder and file type and set the printer to print the file.
  5. Log file keep the record of all the printing and not printing files.
  6. Press the 'Print' Button.